Nothing Is Safe ​​

Blue Seas Protection has a long association with the sea , the underwater world , and the fishing industry . Over the last 50 years we have seen fish stocks decimated , terrible crimes against the creatures of the sea and the seas themselves.

Acts such as the barbaric killing of dolphins; killing of manta ray for their gills only as an aphrodisiac; killing of sharks for their fins only, for a soup. One boat alone landed over 5000 shark fins, that is 5000 dead sharks for one boat 100,000,000 SHARKS killed each year!

"Greed Fishing " where large trawlers load to capacity then dump hundreds of tons of dead, dying and mortally wounded fish already caught in the trawl back to the sea!

These are serious crimes.

Help us take the fight back to the perpetrators direct 


Please welcome our friend

Sally Potter  the Environmental Artist please support and buy some art and contribute to the work of Blue Seas Protection at the same time!  Click on pictures above for more info

Visit Sally Potter Designs on facebook, etsy, instagram or her

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"The Governers office was pleased to recieve your comments on unsustainable commercial fishing!"

-Mark Carney

Head of Bank of England

Brian May of Queen

"In a cosmic court someone will answer to the crimes man is inflicting on the world"

Helen Sinclair MBE

Friends of the Animals

"Blue Seas Protection is a very worthwhile cause"


"Great work!"-Jane Alpine,

Natural England

"Thanks for the link, its really interesting! Commendable voluntary work!"


Stuart Churchley,

Historic England 

"Thank you for taking the time to get in touch, it sounds like the work your charity is doing is absolutely vital"

-David Sadd,



"Thank you for all you do to support your community.  We wish you every success"


Julie Galano,

Big Lottery

"Please accept our admiration for all the hard work your organisation undertakes"

- Wight Aid Foundation

"All great stuff!"

- Ian Boyd,

ARC consulting co.

"Big thank you BLUE SEAS PROTECTION for the great information on fish farms corruption!"- Laura Kelly, Australia Enviromental



"Great work we are passionate about the seas"

- Jake at custom flags UK

"wishing  BLUE SEAS PROTECTION the very best"

Prince Charles' office

"Thankyou for your email of 16 April 2018 to the Prime Minister about plastic pollution..." - Teri-Jayne Powell, Ministerial Contact Unit/DEFRA

To all our very special supporters compassionate people, and friends in every country

all over the world

thank you for supporting

company support & special thanks to our friends below


Seaflex ltd. subsea manifacturers of air lifting bags and subsea equipment Cowes I.O.W.

W.Roberinson ltd.pipelines

The Lighthouse Church ,Sandown

Sally Potter enviromental artist

Wight Dolphins sub aqua club

Mr Dan Snow of The One show

Mr Peter Hanon specialist cars.

American car club IOW.

Mrs Tamara Perves Brading market

"fighting for our oceans"


"were never out of our depth"

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